March 1, 2011

Panda Pop Ups

Panda Antivirus 2010 is most annoying paid software I've ever seen. Pop ups of Panda 2010 on my desktop in front of all windows were killing me. All those promotions, get renew(even though I was stupid enough to buy it for 2 years and 1.5 years left), community news and other spam. I’ve disabled these messages hundreds of times, but after each Panda update they were annoyed me like new.

I’ve sent a message to technical support about this issue. First suggestion was to disable those pop ups from settings menu. I tried this already, hundreds of times, I replied. Second (canned) suggestion was to uninstall and reinstall Panda. Great solution and personalized approach. I have to reinstall Panda on all 3 of my computers that I have to “solve” the problem! I didn't reply to this suggestion and I believe that they were very proud of themselves on how fast they have “solved” the problem and got rid of annoying customer. 
I had to uninstall Panda and install another Firewall/Antivirus, which, by the way, doesn't slow my computer at all as Panda did.

My friends installed Panda on their computers after I recommended it a year ago. One month before expiration of the product license, Panda started to attack them with pop up message to renew the license once a day. After license expired, pop up message appeared on the screen every 15 minutes telling to renew the license.

Panda Labs claims that they fixed the problem with slowing down the computer this year, 2011, maybe they even did fix their pop up nagging, but I wouldn't recommend it to anybody anyway, and wont install panda on any of my computers.


Anonymous said...

Panda is THE worst antivirus on the market regarding renewal spam, it is relentless and intrusive, every 15 minutes it pops up with NO way to disable it.....NEVER ever again Panda, nor will I EVER recommend it to anyone else.

If you are considering Panda Antivirus for PC protection...DONT!!

Anonymous said...

March 2014
It happens to me too.
And after cursing them in my emails I simply decided not to buy Panda anymore and give them a lot of bad publicity.
My computermagazine rated Panda software with a 4.7 (out of 10).
I really didn't know they were that bad.
So hopefully they are in the nearby future out of work.

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